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Scrollbar in Table Generator

Put a scrollbar into your tables - vertical or horizontal

If you have a table which expands due to dynamic content but you'd like it to only use a certain area, put a scrollbar in it.

* note - degrades well in early browsers, no scrollbar is shown but the table gets displayed in full.

Your site might have a table which contains information which changes from time to time. This information might be different in size, ie a dynamic list from a database. Instead of your table changing size due to varying amounts of information within it, you can add a scrollbar which keeps the area for the table the same size all the time, but adds a scrollbar to the table if the table exceeds the size you'd like it to be.

table details
width of area to use:
height of area to use:
border width:
border color:
your table code:
* paste in the full code for your table, including <table><tr><td> tags etc. If you are using the code in a script, leave the table code out and take the generated tags and put them either side of your table code in your script.
IMPORTANT!! Set your table width 20px narrower than the 'width of area to use'. For example, if your 'width of area to use' is 300, your table tag will look like: <table width="280">


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