Block users from your website generator

You can use htaccess to block certain ip addresses from accessing your site. This might be one particular person who's giving you grief, or an ip range from a certain country you'd prefer not to access your site. You can use a full ip address, or only a partial ip. If you put in '' this will block only users with that exact ip address. Keep in mind that users who run through a proxy server will have a different ip number each time they connect, so you might want to use, for example, '203.156.187'. This will block all users with the ip address of -

Remember - this might 'lock out' legitimate visitors to your site, so use the ip block cautiously.
  • Enter the ip address or partial ip address you'd like to block from your site.
  • You can also use domain names, ie will block all users from bigpond.
  • Hit generate.
  • Copy the generated code and paste it into notepad and save it as htaccess.txt. Upload it in ASCII format to the main folder of your website, or the folder you'd like to block access to. Rename it to .htaccess (remember the dot!!)
  • Unless you have your ftp program set to show invisible files, the file will then disappear from sight. Don't worry, it's still there!
  • If you have an existing htaccess file, copy and paste the generated code into that.
  • Hit enter after the last line of code, or it may produce an error
Items to block
IP/Domain 1:
IP/Domain 2:
IP/Domain 3:
IP/Domain 4:
IP/Domain 5:
IP/Domain 6:
IP/Domain 7:
IP/Domain 8:
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