HTML banner code generator

The HTML banner code generator will allow you to create rotating banners on your website. Great for affiliate links, or just a set of images that you want to rotate. You can choose whether to have the banners automatically refresh, or whether you would like a random banner on each page load. Set the options for the banners, then generate the code. You can copy and paste the generated code into your webpage, or you can choose to send the generated code to your email.

Code for preloading images is included to prevent loading time when the banner refreshes or a new page is loaded.

Basic options
If you have multiple HTML banner rotators on the same page, each will need a different ID
Rotator ID:
Not seen - make sure name is unique
Type of rotation:
Refresh every:
How I will enter items:

This section allows you to enter the items for the HTML banner rotator in bulk.
Leave at 0 if you don't want to set the width
Leave at 0 if you don't want to set the height
Border style:
Code options
Choose how you want the code created
CSS layout:
Unsure? Leave it inline
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