Meta tags code generator

Meta tags provide information for search engines and social media to present your page. Providing a title and description for each page of your website allows search engines to determine the type of content that is on your page, so can present your page in search results.

Social media meta tags allow you to tailor the information that is presented when the page is shared through social media. This may be different to the title and description that you display in search engines as it will allow you to target a different audience.

Now you can generate the code for your Meta Tags quickly and easily using this online generator. Looking for a meta-refresh generator that will forward your page to another URL? Check out our URL forwarder meta tag code generator.

Meta tags
Page title:
Recommended minimum length, around 160 characters. Can be longer, but put your most important information in the first 160.
Canonical link:
Tells search engines what the base URL is for this page. Good to use, include https://, don't include any querystring
Viewport (for responsive pages):

Website rating:

Social media meta tags
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