HTML list code generator

This generator will allow you to create a HTML list of items. Set the options for the list, then generate the code. You can copy and paste the generated code into your webpage, or you can choose to send the generated code to your email. This allows you to create the HTML list code for later use when using a mobile device.
  • First list item
  • Second list item
  • Third list item
Basic options
If you have multiple lists on the same page, each will need a different ID
List ID:
Not seen - make sure name is unique
List type:
List position:

Affects how the list items wrap
List items
Type or paste list items into the box below - one per line
List style
Font color:
Font family:

Font size:
Font style:
Code options
Choose how you want the code created
CSS layout:
Unsure? Leave it inline
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