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Once upon a time, when the internet was just a little tacker, we were able to click a link to bookmark a page. It was pretty sweet! As time went by, the Browser Police took control and now they like your visitors to take control of the bookmarking themselves. This is all fine and dandy, but how do you prompt them to do this? You'll find visitors mostly move on without thinking to bookmark.

The answer lies with still having a link - which will work with some browsers (mainly Internet Explorer variants) - and for those browsers that do not allow you to bookmark from a link, show instructions explaining how your visitors can do it themselves using CTRL-D.

The code used here is pretty sweet in that it is device-friendly, showing the relevant message for adding to bookmarks on devices.

The generated code utilises the 'Add to Home Screen' javascript, which will be included on your page (I don't take credit for writing the code for this functionality). The script is pulled from a CDN, which is recommended as it can be stored in your website visitors cache across different sites, and it also saves you from having to download/upload.
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