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Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are a crucial part of getting your webpages rated better in search engines. Many search engines now require them before they will spider your site. Now you can generate the code for your Meta Tags quickly and easily using this online generator.

For some tips on meta-tags, click here.

  • fill out the fields you require, then click generate.
  • Fields not required can be left blank.

Meta refresh forward:

Use this code if you have moved your page, and want to redirect users to the new page. Please note that search engines do not like this tag, so don't expect to have the page with this code listed.

Url to forward to:
Standard Meta Tags

Enter Site Details:

Your page/site title:
Page description:
what most search engines
display in their listing
Brief page summary:
take your description,
then shorten it
Enter keywords/phrases:
separate using commas
your name or company name:
The author of the page:
The designer of the page:
Site Language:
not recommended - use it only if you have a need for refreshing
Tells the search engines when
to revisit.
* doesn't do much - most don't use it
No Cache:
recommended - users will always see the latest content instead of server/browser cache
the rule for search engines
to 'index' your page.

You can tell search engines not to
spider your page, or you can
let them spider it but not follow
any of the links on the page.

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