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Code Generators

A wide range of code generators for your website.

Htaccess generators
Block users from your site
Block people from your site using their ip or the domain they are using. Good for blocking a bot which hits your site too much.
Custom error pages
Create the code to put into your .htaccess file to enable custom error pages. Create the page you want to use, and install this code.
Disable hotlinking
Stop people from hotlinking to your images. Hotlinking (linking to your images from their site) uses your bandwidth and costs you money.
Password protect pages
Enable password protection to the website directory of your choice.
Password protect pages
Enable password protection for individual files.
General html generators
Applet code generator
Generate the code to place applets or lake applets on your website.
Drop down menu
What more can I say? This is a drop down menu generator!
Email form creator
Allows you to create the form fields you wish to have for your form, and have the form emailed to you from the webpage.
Frameset maker
Frames no longer have to be a hassle. This generates the code for your frameset.
I-frame generator
Create an I-frame for your webpages. Note: some browsers have issues viewing I-frames.
List maker
Generate lists for your website using various list styles.
Marquee code maker
Create marquees for your website the easy way. Marquees are those 'scrolling text' boxes you see on some websites.
Scrollbar in table
If you have a table which you would like to control the size of, use a scrollbar so any over-flow within the table causes it to scroll.
Sound on your webpage
Generate the tags to place sound on your webpage.
Mouseover generators
Link mouseovers
Change the links on your page to different colours or different effects when you pass your mouse over them, including removing the underline.
Mouseover Image Changer
Change images when the mouse passes over them. Includes the code to pre-load the images for faster changing.
Table generators
Basic table maker
Create a one-cell table.
Advanced table maker
Enter how many rows you wish to have in your table, and how many columns. The basic code will be generated ready for you to enter your information.
Page table maker
Enter your html for the left side column, then the html for the main page. Code will be generated to enclose your whole page in a table.
Css generators
Coloured scrollbar
Changes the colour of the scrollbar on your website.
Glow/shadow text
Add a glow to your text, or a shadow. This looks really neat!
Form styles
Put some colour into your form fields. Change the text within your input boxes and submit button to whichever style you wish, as well as changing the background colour.
Stylesheet creator
Create a stylesheet using these basic options.
Javascript generators
Banner rotator
Perfect for your affiliate programs. Set the ads to refresh at whatever speed you wish, or set a new ad for every page load.
Disable right mouse click code
Generate the code to pop up an alert when someone right mouse clicks on your page. Disables the right mouse click.
Bookmark page code
Generate the code to add a 'bookmark this page' link to your site.
Javascript alerts
Make your own popup javascript alerts, either when the page loads or clicking on a link.
Javascript text/url rotator
Have text rotate on your website - you can use links which constantly change, or just normal text changes.
Mouse trails
Create one of those cute messages which follows your mouse around on your page.
Mouseover status hider
If you have affiliate links on your page, either text or images..this makes the code that hides the affiliate number on the end of the link. Have the code in the status bar read '' instead of ''
Popup rotator
Rotate your popups using cookies.
Popup window
Popup window creator made to your own specifications.
Set homepage code
Creates a link which your website visitors can use to set your page as their homepage.
Status bar messages
Create a message which is placed into the status bar of your webpage.
Title bar messages
Create a scrolling message which is placed into the title bar of your webpage.
Other code generators
meta tag creator
Creates the meta tags for you to place on your website.
Url forwarding
Have your webpage automatically forward to another page. Great if your page or website has moved.
Page transitions
Those nifty little effects when you go to some webpages. You've gotta see them!
Cursor images
Newer browsers can have their cursor set to an image safely, with nothing installed on their computer.
DHTMLMenus tutorial
A tutorial showing how to create a DHTML menu using DHTMLMenu.
Set up a crontab
Setting up a cron job on your website can be a scary task. Automate your scripts the easy way, with the code created for you and instructions on how to set the cron job up.
Html tutorials
Beginners html
The very basics of creating a webpage, taken from the first keystroke for you to make.
Earn with your website
How to earn money from your website using affiliate programs.
Favicon icons
How to install a favicon icon on your site - those little images that you find in your favourites list after bookmarking a site, and the image in the address bar.
Ways you can set the font colour/styles on your website.
Frames explained
Takes you through the steps on how to set your website up in frames.
Server side includes
How to update all your pages using just the one file. This is great for larger websites!
A step-by-step guide on how to create tables on your website.

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