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Email Form Submission Generator

You can use this generator to create the entire form for your email form including all fields, or skip the 'form items' section and just fill out the 'submit properties' to retrieve the code used for emailing forms and incorporate it into a ready-made form.

If you are doing it this way, use the first piece of code in place of the <form> tag already in your form, and the <input> line in place of the <input> button already in your form.

Form item instructions (if required):
  1. select type of field
  2. choose the value of the field, or what gets displayed within the field
  3. choose a name for each field. This doesn't get displayed, it's an 'identifier'
  4. choose lengths etc of fields as applicable
  5. click on 'add item', then go back to the start and create another field if
    desired clicking on 'add item' for each one
  6. when you have all of the fields you want, continue down to the submit properties
    and fill in the necessary information
  7. click generate, then copy and paste the code where you want it on your page

form item to add:
* text within the field
Name of field:
* give each one a name - it's needed!
Length of field: Maximum Length:
For textarea
how many rows:
For textarea
how many columns:
Add a new line after this form item? (<BR>)
If a checkbox/radio button,
do you want it pre-selected?

Form items:

submit button properties: email details:
Text on button: Email form is sent to:
Colour of button: Subject of email:
Text colour:

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