Earn With Ghost Commerce

Ghost marketing is a whole new ballgame when it comes to affiliate programs. As opposed to earning money from your website by placing ads and waiting to make a sale, you can go one step further and build up a personal brand to drive affiliate sales.

Building up a personal brand may seem a daunting prospect, and you may feel that it's not for you - but in reality, it is something everyone can probably succeed at. There are some great mentorship programs that will help guide you through this process, but you do need to be careful as some charge a lot of money and you may not get bang for your buck.

A program which we have personally experience with is the 7 Day Shift. For an up-front cost of $27, they introduce you to the concept of ghost marketing through daily video tutorials over 1 week. This course is designed to shift your thinking so that you have an understanding of how to earn decent money online. 

The course guides you through setting up a system which allows you to develop your brand so that you can quickly build a targeted audience which is important in affiliate marketing because they will be receptive to any offers that you recommend. Using a tried-and-tested method, they teach you what worked for them and show you how to replicate their results.

In the 7 Day Shift you are taught what to look for when choosing an affiliate program so that you can maximise profits for the least effort. You are taught how to work with social media to develop your audience, which provides the hand-holding that most people need to get themselves over the line to building a following. At the end of the seven day course you speak personally with a mentor to discuss how the system will work for you going forward.

There are a lot of people seeing great success with the 7 Day Shift. One person who started in early 2022 is now achieving around $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing, and he started with the 7 Day Shift and then went on to go through the mentorship program. Others are hitting their first $1,000 commission level within weeks of starting. Of course, not everyone will see results like that, but with an initial outlay of $27 that's not a lot to risk to introduce you to affiliate marketing and see if it's right for you.

Head over to www.ghostcommercegirl.com and give yourself the opportunity to send your life in a whole other direction.