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Multiple Cookied Popups.

Have your popups cookied so they pop up in rotation, maximising your affiliate earnings.

If you run an affiliate popup on your website, consider using several companies and using a cookie so they show in turn. Most companies only pay for a unique view ever 12 or 24 hours. If you pop a popup for one company, then pop another popup for a second company with the next pageview - you are in effect doubling your popup earnings.

I've provided space for 5 popups here - ideally you wouldn't want to use more than 2 or 3, there is nothing worse than popups coming up with every page view.

Cookie Settings

You have the option of setting the cookie for the popups, as in - hours to cookie each popup will pop up a different cookie each page that is viewed. Hours to cookie all popups is optional, if you set a time for this then you won't get a popup each page - you will get one popup first time you hit the page, and the next popup will show after the time set to cookie all popups is expired.

  • Choose how long to set the cookie for each popup (a different popup will show each pageview).
  • Optional: choose how long to set the cookie for ALL popups - a different popup will show after the set time.
  • You can change the cookie name, or leave it as-is. Each cookie name needs to be unique.
  • Copy the popup code from your popup affiliate account and paste it in below.
If your popup code is a full javascript with the 'read cookie' bit already in it, look for a line or lines like the following:
    document.write('<SCRI'+'PT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" ');
    document.write(' SRC="">');
Extract the base url needed, without the rest of the javascript - for example, the code I would enter below from the above piece of javascript would be:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" SRC=""></SCRIPT>

Frequency Settings
Hours to cookie each popup:
Hours to cookie all popups:
Popup 1
Cookie name:
Popup Code:
Popup 2
Cookie name:
Popup Code:
Popup 3
Cookie name:
Popup Code:
Popup 4
Cookie name:
Popup Code:
Popup 5
Cookie name:
Popup Code:

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