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Table Code Generator

This generator makes a multi-row multi-column table. Enter the details, hit generate then copy and paste the code into your html editor where you want the table. Replace the 'insert info' text with the contents of each data cell.

1. Fill in the table details in the form
2. Press generate to create the table html code
3. Generated code will open in a new window
4. Copy and paste code into your html editor where you want the table.
5. * explanation of table attributes at the bottom of this page

Click here for a popup explanation of the table attributes

Click Here For Popup Color Chart

enter table details

how many columns:
    horizontal alignment:
how many rows:
table border:
table border colour:
    vertical alignment:
table width:
table height:
table cellpadding:
table cellspacing:


Results will open in a new window

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