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Stylesheet Code Generator

Use CSS to set your font/colour values for your website. If you use an external stylesheet, change values site-wide by changing one value in your stylesheet. Code can be placed on your webpage, which will set the style of that page only - or save your code in a file which you can link to from whichever page you choose.

Choose an element if you wish to style all instances of that element
For example:

  • body - sets the style for the body
  • p - formats all text between <p> </p> tags
  • td - formats text/properties of all <td> cells
  • etc...

Enter a 'name' instead if you wish to have different 'classes' to use for different elements
Say you called one class 'test'. Wherever you wanted something formatted with the 'test' properties, use the 'test' class:
For example:

  • <div class="text">
  • <span class="text">
  • <p class="text">
  • <td class="text">
  • etc...

Enter a 'name' and choose an element if you wish to have different 'classes' of the same element.
Say you chose 'p' and called one class 'red'. Wherever you wanted the <p> tag formatted with the 'red' properties, use <p class="red">. Choose a 'blue' class with the 'p' element, and you can also use <p class="blue"> wherever you want the 'blue' properties used within a <p> tag.
For example:

  • <p class="red">
  • <p class="blue">
  • <input class="red">
  • <input class="blue">
  • etc...

  • Choose properties for each class/element
  • Click 'add' only once for each one. Your code will be added to the text area at the bottom of the page
  • Click 'reset' between each class to reset the form and start again
  • When you've finished, choose whether you wish to have an external stylesheet created for you, or the code to paste into your individual pages
  • If you choose the external stylesheet, on the following page will be a download button. Change the name of the file to save from 'code.cgi' to 'style.css' and save it. Upload it to your website and use the link provided on the following page to use it on your webpages.
  • If you choose the internal stylesheet, copy and paste the generated code between the <head> </head> tags of each webpage you wish to use it on.

please choose...
     and/or * choose element and name together for element class
font properties
  font size:
  font weight:
  font style:
  font face:
  text decoration:
general properties
  background image: * path to image
  background attachment:
  background colour:
  horizontal align:
  vertical align:
  top margin: px
  bottom margin: px
  left margin: px
  right margin: px
table properties
  padding top: px
  padding bottom: px
  padding left: px
  padding right: px
  border width: px
  border colour:



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