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Page Transition Code Generator

You can choose to have a 'fancy' effect when someone opens your page if you use 'transitions'. Page transitions use meta tags within the head section of your page.

  • select the transition you would like to try
  • choose the speed you would like it to move at - the higher the number, the slower
  • click 'view transition' for a demonstration of the transition and to generate the code
  • if you like the transition, select the code from the text area and paste it into the head section of your page

transition types:
Fade in
Square in
Square out
Circle in
Circle out
Curtain up
Curtain down
Curtain right
Curtain left
Vertical blinds
Horizontal blinds
Boxy vertical blinds
Boxy horizontal blinds
Elevator close
Elevator open
Elevator horizontal close
Elevator horizontal open
Diagonal top right
Diagonal bottom right
Diagonal top left
Diagonal bottom left
Horizontal lines
Vertical lines
speed of transition:

Click CTRL+C to copy,and CTRL+V to paste into your text editor (Notepad,Wordpad etc)

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