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Minimum payout


Domain name sites only
Minimum traffic criteria

Offering popunder ads, skyscrapers, interstitial as well as cpm ads, Fastclick is a great program for domain-name sites which receive a minimum of around 2,500 page hits per month. You can set the popunders to pop at whichever frequency you wish for each person, with a setting of once every 24 hours per person being an ideal setting. Payments through Paypal or cheque.

***Highly recommended
** company pays very promptly

Casale MediaOffering popunder ads This seems to be a great popup company with a good rate. Popups run at around $2 effective cpm, with a good variety of quality popups displayed.

***VERY Highly recommended

Interclick High paying interstitials. This company has also started offering popunders, sliders and overlays and pays 65%.
Search FeedIntegrate search into your site using Search Feed. You can use their search engine generator which gives you the code to integrate the search results into your site - just get their code and use your header/footer and your visitors can search and not leave your site. I have found the search engine retrieves good results, and judging by the multiple clickthroughs from a single surfer, the results are presented in a way to generate interest.

***Highly recommended

PayPopUp Gives you the option to use exit popups as well as entry. You can set how much of a delay you'd like for the pop, for instance you might like it to pop up 30 seconds after a visitor has entered your site. You can set the frequency of the popup, either each session or based on a time period. This is a cpm program, and raw hits are counted meaning if a popup loads for the same person 10 times during their visit to your site, you will get paid for the 10 views.

Standard Internet:

This is a company which offers several different programs you can use. Although put out from the same company, you need to sign up for each individual one. They are a very reliable company, but also a very strict company in relation to their terms. If you try to cheat them in any way, you WILL get caught and forfeit all of your earnings. Do everything the right way, and you will find you can make a cheque regularly. They don't tolerate any mention of warez, roms or porn on your site. I'm not sure what the state of signups is at the moment, they may only accept U.S members. I guess you can only try the signup process and see what happens!
   ** company pays very promptly

Search TrafficThis program places a search box on your site. You get paid 6c for every search carried out from your site, meaning the user must also click on a search term on the search page brought up.

AllClicksThis is a blind link program. A blind link is a link which you click on which can say anything you like (within the terms), but takes you to a search page. Users don't need to click on anything on the following page...once the page loads, you get paid 3c. This means you can have an 'enter' link on your site, linking to the search page. You can have 'click here for Britney Spears' and link it to the search page. In fact, anything you think surfers will click on.

Popup TrafficThis program provides an 'entrance pop' when a visitor comes to your site. They pay $5 for every 1000 visitors to your site, and you can use a cookie code to restrict it to one popup per visitor.

ClickThruTrafficLike SearchTraffic, but you use text links. When a user clicks on your text link, it brings up a page of search results. If the user clicks on that page, you will make between 6c and 20c depending on the term you used. For instance, if your term is for movies and the user clicks through, you make 6c. Casino will earn you 20c as the casino advertisers pay more to have their site listed high in the search engines.

Bulk ClicksThis uses the same search results page as AllClicks, but you can't use blind links with this. You can only use the buttons and text they provide, but they pay 4c if a user clicks on a text link, and 5c if they click on a button.

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