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Make your website work for you!

I've got my website looking how I want how can I earn from it?

There are two ways you can earn from your website. You can sell your own products (which is all well and good if you're a business and would like to do this) or you can earn revenue from using advertising on your site for other companies.

Just about everywhere you go on the net there are ads. When you click on these ads and go to the advertiser's website, chances are you earned someone some money. It won't be much...but if your website has enough traffic going through it, that not-much-for-every-click soon adds up.

There are several types of advertising you can use. Basically they are:
  • per click - every time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid. The amount you get paid won't be high, as there's no guarantee that visitor is going to be any good to the advertiser. They may pay you 1c - 5c for everyone who visits their site through the ad on your page.
  • per view - every time the ad is displayed on your page, you get paid. The rates for this one are even lower, because chances are the visitor won't even go to the advertiser's site. However, it's displayed...and the chance is there that they can.
  • per action - it's not enough if a visitor clicks on the ad. When they reach the advertiser's site, they are required to sign up for something before you get paid. Because this method gets results before you get paid, the payrate will be higher. You may get 20c for everyone who signs up for a newsletter at a certain site, or who enters a contest.

    You can use either banner ads or text ads. They are exactly as their name suggests. Banner ads are graphical ads, and text ads only contain text. You will most likely find text ads have a better response rate, as you can integrate them into your site a lot better and most people tend to 'not see' banner ads as they've got used to them.

    If your website gets a decent amount of traffic through it (not one or two people every other week!) then you have the potential to earn. Most people won't click on the advertising...but if you have co-ordinated it with your site well, a certain percentage will. If you have a website about movies, provide advertising for DVDs or other entertainment sites. If you have a site about motherhood/children, chances are DVD ads won't work. Use ads for discount children's clothes or toys instead. Recipe site? How about advertisements for cookbooks or cooking utensils. It's all to do with targeting...deciding which type of surfer is going to come through your site, and what they'd be interested in.

    There's some you will use and some you won't touch...

    There's a heap of companies out there willing to pay you to place thier ads on your site. The only drawback with some is they require you to meet a high minimum amount before you get paid, and if you don't have the traffic and clicks to amass a decent amount, then you'll never meet that minimum and never get paid. You need to check out each advertiser and decide if what they have will work on your site, and make sure the minimum isn't too high. I came across one where you needed $200 before you got paid. That's a ridiculously high amount, and it ensures they place their advertising on your site for free because they know chances are the average website owner won't meet that amount in a hurry. You will find some companies have a minimum of $25...that's a reasonable amount. Some are $50 or so...not impossible to reach, but you need to check what you'll be advertising and if you feel you'll ever be able to make that amount.

    I have provided a list of some companies which seem fairly reasonable to use. There are a lot more out there, but I don't plan on this being a comprehensive list just a starting guide. You can use them all at once if you like, or just concentrate all of your efforts on the one company.

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