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- Sick of all those annoying pop up ads?
- Tired of trying to surf the web only to have it turn into a cluttered mess of ads and irrelevant web sites?
- Worried that some unscrupulous Webmaster will try to install parasiteware into your computer or try to violate your privacy?

We can help. MyArmory was started to help Internet users get rid of the mess and start enjoying the Web again. Go back to enjoying your time online instead of getting frustrated at having to close one pop up after another. We have developed a program that will block pop up ads, detect all known spyware and parasiteware programs and help you search the web without all the inaccurate results. The program is called Bazooka Bar and it is absolutely free.

Anyone who uses Internet Explorer can download and install the BazookaBar Tool Bar. BazookaBar is a browser plugin so you will not have to worry about loading a separate program, just install it and you are ready to go.

Click Here for the Bazooka Bar

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