This is basically a 'framed' page. Pretty simple, I know. There's actually 3 pages in one here. The first page is the page which ONLY has your frameset code on it. Have a look at the url in the address line in your browser. Keep your eye on it, you will notice it doesn't change no matter what link you click. That's because you never leave the page which has your frameset code on it!!! All these other pages load into the 'frames'.

The second page is that page over there to the left, with the links on it. That's the 'navigation' page. By using a neat little trick in your <a href...> tag, you can get it to stay there all the time, and load the pages that you click into this 'frame' where I am! Ain't that something????

The third page is ME!!!. Now aren't I special??? I'm the page that gets to greet you when you open up the page with the frameset code on it. Every time it's opened, there I am. Of course, you can choose to click on some links on the left over there and have another page load in my place. Dunno why you'd want to, I have such a wonderful smile...really!!!!

Bet you're wondering how it is I actually get that honour of greeting you every time the frameset page is opened. It's not luck. I planned it that way. Well, the nerd who wrote the frameset code on the page did, anyway. I became part of that frameset code. My name is in there...which is 'rightframe.html'. Oh, and the page on the left is in there too, he's called 'leftframe.html'. We're basically mates...we load together, then go our seperate ways when you click a link.

Have a bit of a click around on the links on the left. When you want to come back to me again, just click 'home'. That's all there is to it!!!!